1.Warranty Duration:

Tech giant electronics are covered by a warranty period of a minimum of six months or one year, depending on the product.
The period starts from the date of purchase as stated in the invoice.

2.Void Conditions:

Warranty claims will not be accepted if defects or damage result from accidents, misuse, abnormal conditions, exposure to liquid,
moisture, neglect, scratches, dents etc.

3.Power Fluctuation and Misuse:

Warranty is void if damage occurs due to power fluctuation, overload, or misuse with non-recommended accessories.

4.External Causes:

Defects or damage resulting from external causes like collision, fire, flooding, theft, or exposure to harsh weather conditions
will not be covered under warranty.

5.Exclusions for Removable Accessories:

Certain removable accessories, such as smartwatch straps, adapters, hands-free devices, and cables, are not eligible for warranty claims.

6.Device Replacement:

Device-to-device replacement is not provided unless there is a manufacturer defect within the first seven days of purchase,
following the warranty policy.

7.Refunds Policy:

Refunds are not accepted for reasons such as change of mind, wrong color, or wrong device purchased by the customer.


Warranties are not transferable to any individual or entity under any circumstances, doing so will void the warranty.

9.Invoice Integrity:

Any alteration to the original invoice disqualifies the warranty.

10.Repair Duration:

Repairs for original products under international warranty claims may take up to 50 working days. Courier fees and costs point to point
will be under customer’s responsibility.

11.Water Resistance Limitations:

Products with IPX rating for water resistance are not eligible for liquid damage claims.

12.Local Agents and Service Centers:

Local warranty claims will be handled by respective service centers with their policies. Repair duration may take up to 30 working days.

13.Serial Number Verification:

Failure to produce the correct product serial number as mentioned in the invoice will void the warranty.

14.Product Authenticity:

All products sold are guaranteed to be original and authorized. Any variation from the published product description is not accepted.

15.Manufacturer Defect Claims:

Claims for manufacturing defects are only eligible within the first 7 days of purchase. Some products like, Apple follow specific
warranty policies upon activation.

16.Claims Process:

Reach out to our customer support team through our hotline 0701221221 or email techgiantemail@gmail.com and inform your claims accompanied by the original invoice. And kindly submit all proofs and information to our technical department to solve your issues swiftly.

These policy details aim to provide clarity and establish the terms and conditions for warranty coverage on electronic products.